Ambitious Curiosity
This is an exciting initiative in its infancy.
We believe that kids are capable of so much more than just the syllabus.
We aim to create a network/community of schools and supporters working together on an extra-mural, project based, learning program. Many schools, both in and outside of Hout Bay, are already signed up.
Students engage with the “real-world”, explore their potential fit within it and start exciting projects within their field of choice.
Students will develop:
a better understanding of the real world and how it operates.
a better understanding of themselves and their unique interests and talents.
the skills and attitudes required to truly become “self-starters”.
the skills and disciplines required to effectively execute real world projects.
a greater love for learning, given the freedom of choice in where to focus their efforts.
More info available at
The Structure:
Each school will have full say in how to run their program and schools will get together fairly often to share what’s working and what isn’t. We’ll also put mechanisms in place for the pooling of resources. We’re still early stage and there is much room for input on what exactly this should look like!
Hout Bay Schools:
Hout Bay High and Silikamva are on board. Other schools are more than welcome to get involved!
Weekly Mentors:
For this to live up to its full potential each school will need a small handful of committed volunteers.
You won’t need any domain specific expertise. Rather, you’ll be a responsible adult who will provide plenty of encouragement, some level of accountability for weekly goals set by the student/group, links to helpful contacts in the real world and whatever else you can think of that will be helpful.
Domain Specific Mentors:
Here you will put down your name along with an outline of your expertise. In this case you will only be called on if there is a student looking to work specifically in your field, in which case you will meet occasionally to help direct their focus and connect them to learning opportunities (such as work shadowing/internships) as and when they are ready to capitalize on them.
The potential
The potential is endless, for some inspiration around just what’s possible please check out 
With your help we hope to unearth a few amazing case studies of our own!
Contact Details
Phone: 061 429 3581
Please complete the form below if you have contacted this organisation. This helps us to know how much the website is being used.
Current Needs
Weekly Mentors: Able to provide at least 2 hours a fortnight.
Domain Specific Mentors: Ad-hoc support. As much as you can afford.
Please help spread the word!
We’re open to including any group of eager learners (including littlies and adults!).

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