Your time and skills are among the most valuable things you can give to a charitable enterprise. Many of the non-profit organisations in Hout Bay are run entirely by volunteers but their work brings immeasurable benefits to the community.
It is however important to remember that when you volunteer, you are making a commitment: it can consume valuable time and resources to train a volunteer, which will be wasted if you do not follow through your commitment to help. This is particularly important for organisations working with children, who suffer when there is a constant stream of new faces.
This is why it is important to choose an organisation that really appeals to you and best matches the time you have available and the skills you have to offer.
Please contact the organisation directly by clicking on the links below. Please complete the form on the right after you have contacted the organisation. This helps us to know how much the website is being used.

The main mission of BEN is to address poverty and mobility through the promotion of the bicycle in all its forms. Bright Start is an Education Support Programme, based in Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa. Thula Thula Hout Bay's main aim and objective is to create a centralised drop off and distribution system offering coordinated relief to victims of disaster in the valley.
iKhaya le themba provides holistic care to children and families with difficult life circumstances. Community Cohesion creates opportunities for the disadvantaged to enhance their life skills. The Eyethu Skate Park is a fantastic project which at the moment takes place in the Sunday Market car park while it waits for the final project to be built next to the soccer field presently occupied by Silver City. The club has been happening every Saturday afternoon and has proved extremely popular with a wide range of kids.
The Hout Bay Victim Support Centre gives emotional help to people who have been traumatised by crime. Hout Bay Pets actively encourage the treatment and sterilisation of pets in Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg. The Hout Bay Residents & Ratepayers’ Association serves entirely voluntarily for the benefit of Hout Bay residents.
Bethesda APD is a non-profit organisation supporting people with disabilities in Hout Bay. Siyazama is a crèche in Imizamo Yethu that cares for approximately 80 children in 3 class rooms. DARG is a non-kill organization that helps rehabilitate abused dogs and stray dogs and help re-home them.
The Underdog Project is an animal assisted therapy organisation working with at-risk teenagers and shelter dogs. Wordworks is a fantastic NPO working in Hout Bay with numerous programs that support children. Hout Bay Cycling Club was founded to provide Hout Bay youngsters with a chance to experience cycling.
Wavecrest Educare run by Janap Davids and is one of the two registered day-care centres in Hangberg. Hout Bay Neighbourhood Watch (HBNW) is a community-based security organisation. Hout Bay Volunteer E.M.S. was started 21 years ago to fill a gap in the response time for an Ambulance to get to Hout Bay.
Amoyo is so much more than just a performing arts training programme.  Our classes are a platform to engage with our youth, to show them we care about them, about the choices they are making, that we are there to support and help them develop into successful, employable adults. ABC for Life supports students from Sentinel school who are showing signs of struggling. Without this extra support, these are the children who risk falling behind in school and never finding their true potential in life. Maths Clinic is a registered non-profit organisation in Hout Bay which offers after-school maths and science tuition to grade 8-12 learners living in Imizamo Yethu.

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